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Service for Orange County, CA (714) 832-0524
Recreational Vehicle Washing Maintenance Winter,Spring,Summer,Fall

Experience a quality wash 3 or 4 times per year. Call me now for more information and discuss your situation.

Please NO ONE TIME WASHES or WILL CALLS. I'm here to maintain your vehicle throughout the year.

Special invitation for Orange County, CA Rv owners.
"If your struggling and tired of washing your RV or just aren't satisfied with the results your getting.....your not alone! This is my opportunity to invite you to utilize my mobile RV exterior washing service. Please don't mistake me for an mobile auto detailer. I do not detail or wash personal cars. I wash RV exteriors throughout the year. Clients may call and request service as often as they wish. I do receive many phone calls from RV owners initially asking for a detail and they discover they simply need a thorough washing 3 or 4 per year. My customers have experienced reliable quality workmanship for more than 4 decades. The goal is to maintain the appearance of your vehicle throughout the year. Its my opinion and experience shows that one should wash their Rv thoroughly a minimum of 3 to 4 times a year or more.(ask me for further details) Please no 'will call' or 1 time washings. Feel free to wash your RV in between my services or call us 7-14 days if you need service before your next scheduled service. This program will require you to make a commitment to your Motorhome, 5th wheel, Travel Trailer or Toy Hauler (horse trailers, ask me) just as perhaps you have made to a pool cleaning service,gardener, house cleaner, etc.

Chances are you spent $50,000.00 or more for you recreational vehicle. Its an investment second to your home. Its appearance is not only important to you but eventually the resale value. RV's are a different animal compared to you everyday car, truck or SUV. Gelcoat, fiberglass, plastics, rubber roofs, vents, etc. Working on wet roofs are dangerous and using a simple garden hose with city water will water spot and ruin everything from the finish to the windows.(Unfortunately one cannot dry every area of a large vehicle before water dries; minerals are building up on other surfaces & crevices etc). Spot-free (deionized water) is used 100% of the time while your vehicle is serviced.

3 or 4 annual services (minimum). Class C and Class A Motorhomes, Travel trailers, Fifth wheels, utility trailers, horse trailers. Prices starting from $125.00-$225.00 per service call.. Call for more information. Paperless billing and payment available with checking accouts (ACH) or credit cards accepted.

Annual minimum serviceCurrent customers: Fall service

A brief explanation of the service, how it works and other options below. Always feel free to contact me with further questions. Thank you, Jim Mengos, Owner/Operator since 1975

Email- service@washmyrv.net



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For customers that want to wash their own Rv's occasionally I recommend RvPowerpowder. Also available at Amazon.


1. Call me, lets get some basic information, location of the Rv, billing address, etc. discuss your situation and schedule your first appointment. It may be mutually beneficial to meet you in person before your first service to evaluate the required accomodations to provide service.

2. On your service day we come to your RV's location and perform the service working out of a self-contained van. Like other services you may have, gardener, pool service, etc. you don't have to be present. Please make sure all windows and vents are closed and the vehicle is parked to accomodate the service.

3. If I don't hear from you before your next scheduled service you will receive an invoice by mail 2-4 weeks before your next scheduled service. Check out the service date planned for you. If its OK... just send your payment in the return envelope provided, by the Due Date and this will confirm your appointment. Your check is not deposited until the service is complete. That's all there is to it; no presence required.
4. Call any time, with a few weeks notice, if you need a washing before your next schedule appointment in 3 months. I spoke earlier above about washing 4 times or more throughout the year. Some may find additional sevice needed between March-Sept. due to more RVing activity. Also feel free to wash your own vehicle between your regular scheduled services.
Your RV will be washed 3 or 4 months from its last washing. Follow this clients (quarterly) schedule for the last 2 years below to get a better understanding.
Mr. Jones- 38' Dynasty motorhome by Monaco
Washed January 04'
Washed April 04"
Washed July 04'
Washed October 04'
Washed January 05"
Washed March 05'
Washed June 05'
Washed Sept. 05'
Washed Dec. 05'
Mr. Jones needed his RV washed before his next scheduled service that was planned for April 05' and called early and service was provided in March 05'. 3 months later Mr. Jones was back on track with his next washing 3 months later June 05'.
A few current clients below. References on request.

Service for Orange County, CA (714) 832-0524

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